5 Thoughts on Launching a New Product

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launching a new product

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I offer social media marketing planning and writing services for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and LinkedIn. I got the idea of launching a new product after I was asked by a client recently to put together a presentation on LinkedIn. He wanted me to teach his company’s sales force how to use it more effectively.

While researching the ins and outs of LinkedIn, I noticed very few well written Summaries on people’s LinkedIn Profiles. So, I decided to offer the content writing for an optimized and complete Profile as a separate service.

It’s a relatively small product but important for so many business people and professionals who want to improve their LinkedIn presence. And it might be a nice way for clients to get to know me well enough to come back for more substantial services, like optimizing the content on their websites.

I have not officially launched quite yet (and I will be offering a special deal to my email subscribers when I do). But I’m hoping it might help you if you're launching a new product now or in the future to see an outline of my thoughts as I develop the Sales copy for my LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service.

Research Your Market
To put together my presentation I looked at a number of people’s profiles on LinkedIn. And, I researched the best way to present yourself in your LinkedIn Summary.

That research led me to notice many poorly written Profiles with ineffective headlines, off-track Summaries, and lost opportunity in the Experience section. So, it looks like there’s a need for my services.

Plus, the fact that my client is thinking about a presentation for his fellow sales people combined with the calls I’m getting from others concerned about their Profiles convinced me that now is the time to offer a LinkedIn Profile Optimization Service.

So, the next steps were to…

List Features/Benefits
I made a list of all the features that my product offers. Smart headlines, search engine optimization, effective summaries and more.

Then, I listed after each feature the benefits of that feature. For example, I mentioned a Smart Headline as a feature. The benefit of a Smart Headline is that you get found when prospects search for your products/services. Plus, the right words in your headline draw visitors into your Profile.

Have a Big Promise
The big idea here is that I promise to make your LinkedIn Profile more easily found and more attractive to your prospects. When you are developing a new product or service, think of the most important reason people should buy it.

It’s the old saw, you’re not selling grass seed, you’re selling pride in a beautiful lawn. I’m not selling good writing, I’m selling leads to grow your business.

Develop Your USP
Then, after you’ve decided on the Big Promise, why should your prospects buy from you? This is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). For me, it’s that I can not only help you plan your LinkedIn Profile, I can actually write the copy that will make it work. You just complete a LinkedIn Creative Brief and I take it from there.

Answer Your Audience's Questions
Now it’s time for me to write my website’s Sales Page for the new service. So, I’ll take everything I’ve created above and use it for the headline, subheads, and text.

But the most important thing for the Sales Page after letting my visitors know I can help them with the headline is to answer their questions in the first few sentences of the page. What’s LinkedIn all about? Why is the Profile so important? What makes a good Summary? Etc. This way they’ll feel relieved that I know what they’re going through in trying to develop their Profile and they’ll get excited that I can help them.

I haven’t launched the service yet, but you will see all my marketing as I get it published on my website, social media, and hopefully in the local print media. After you see it, let me know what you think.

So, for your next product launch, keep market research, features, benefits, the big promise, and your USP in mind to generate the most interest in your exciting new product.

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PS Again, for subscribers to my email, look for a deal coming up shortly on my new LinkedIn Profile Optimization service.

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