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August 12, 2015 by
blog post ideas

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Having trouble coming up with blog post ideas this week? Here’s some pump priming to get the wheels turning. These are in addition to the idea joggers I posted a short time ago.


1. Publish an industry report.
I especially like industry status reports and input from surveys at the end of the year. These will help to educate your audience on where they’re at and what they can expect in the near future. Doesn’t have to be the end of the year, though.

The nice thing here is that someone else has done most of the work for you. But, remember to include your comments on the report. It’s your input that gets your spin into the post.

2. Address your customers’ frequent objections.
What do your sales staff tell you are the frequent reasons for “no.” List the reasons and answer the objections.

3. Create a useful tool and give it away such as a checklist, cheat sheet, or planning worksheet.
Your audience LOVES checklists and cheat sheets. They’re helpful and easy to understand. Go for it!

4. Find a guest author to write a post.
An architect client had a friend and fellow building equipment supplier write a post on the advantages of cloth rolled towels in the corporate bathroom as opposed to dryers. Very effective coming from an outside authority.

5. What do prospects need to know before they buy from you?
You can save your sales reps time on the phone with this one as you outline the steps necessary for purchase. This preselling gets your prospects in the buying frame of mind and lets them in on the process. Everyone wins here.

6. Which terms, jargon phrases, or concepts often confuse customers?
A simple glossary works wonders to clarify for your prospects the sometimes complicated vocabulary of your industry. Your buyers will appreciate this.

7. What questions do customers raise over and over?
Start off with a conversation with your sales people and service reps. Get these common questions out there and answer them as completely as you can. Sell by informing. That’s the way your prospects like it.

I’ve got a complete list of blog post ideas that I use when clients call me to help plan and write their blog. Look for more in future posts. Let me know on social media if any of these worked for you. Just click on the icons in the masthead at the top of the site.

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