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So, how do we get started planning and writing web copy for you?

Just contact me, Nick Burns, here at NKB Marketing using the easy online form below. I'll get back with you right away.

Let me know what writing or planning project you have in mind. Maybe you're not sure how to start a blog. Or a particular Web page isn't performing well.  You may need a new Sales Page written from scratch or a script for your planned video.

If it's about your current website, tell me why you feel your site could be working better. If your site isn't built yet, that's fine. You'll get a more powerful site if we write the content first and build the design around your sales messages.

I look forward to helping you optimize your Web pages and share your story online!

Nick Burns
NKB Marketing
130 Proctor Blvd.
Utica, NY 13501

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