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You can use my content writing servicesĀ for any piece of your content marketing strategy. By creating and publishing relevant, helpful information for your marketplace, you engage and acquire customers. Content marketing establishes you as an authority and a "go-to" business for prospects who need your product or service.

The key to successful content marketing is clear, engaging, and persuasive writing. And that's where I can help. I'm trained in direct response copywriting, the kind of writing that gets people to buy, donate, subscribe, or call.

Whether you're connecting with your audience with a blog, social media, or any of the other exciting mediums listed below, my direct response copywriting is perfect for the interactive nature of your online marketing.

Click on any of the content writing services below to learn more. If you're ready to start now, just click here for my contact info.

  • Blog Marketing
    Your Content Marketing hub and powerful source for fresh, informative content.
  • Social Media Marketing
    Google ranks links from Social Media as a top priority for SEO and an influential measure of your website's performance. You can build valuable relationships on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.
  • Business Video
    Video allows you to speak directly with your website visitors and contributes to high SEO ranking.
  • Content for Emails, Press Releases, White Papers, Ebooks, and more
    Generate traffic and establish your business as the authority in your field by taking advantage of these Content Marketing tools.
  • Website Content Optimization in 6 Easy Steps
    My most popular program. This is a complete upgrade or for a new website from scratch. Six simple steps to generate more leads, more sales. I'll research keywords, write Web page content, and organize you site for easy navigation.
  • Web Page Content Writing
    Are there one or two specific pages on your website that aren't performing?
  • Print Advertising
    Support your internet marketing with direct response selling in print: brochures, sales letters, articles, and print ads.

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