How to Easily Organize Your Bio Page for Maximum Effect

May 18, 2011 by

A few weeks ago we talked about gaining your Web visitors' confidence using your About Us page. On your website's About Us page (or section) you can include your company's history, its philosophy, and biographies (bios) of the major players.

I've developed a neat little 3-step presentation for your bios that I thought you might like. I think it sets you up nicely to make that connection with your audience that's so crucial online.

Let's use you as an example:

Start the Conversation with a Quote
Write in the first person. Talk about your philosophy of business, why you enjoy what you do, and how your customers have benefited by doing business with you over the years. Write two or three paragraphs and put them in quotes.

Then Add Professional History, Accomplishments, and Designations
Now, switch to the third person and list or describe your professional history. Where you began, companies you've worked for, even community work you're doing. This is much more interesting after you've spoken with us directly in the first few paragraphs.

Top it Off with a Personal Touch
At the end, go ahead and let us in on your hobbies, family, personal interests. Everyone likes to connect with real people, and knowing about your life away from business is a nice touch.

Take a look at the bio page I wrote for Caruso McLean & Co. for a good example of all of this.

As always with Web content, finding the right words isn't easy. Give me a call and I'll write an About Us page that proves your expertise and connects with your Web visitors. Just call 315.738.1890 or email at

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