Sales Page Clairvoyance

August 2, 2012 by

Clairvoyant product page description gets proud parents' Buy Now click.

What are your prospects thinking when they land on your sales page? What is their emotional state of mind? Clairvoyance is your Web copy gold. Connecting emotionally leads to Buy Now clicks from very happy customers.

Let me prove it with a simple e-commerce product page that got into my head...

My son Nick III was graduating from college and my wife and I got thinking about a gift. Now, in his only 22 years, Nick had already led a unique life. He'd lived in Taiwan his senior year in high school on a Rotary Exchange and learned Mandarin Chinese. He spent a college semester in Harbin, China taking all his courses in Mandarin. And, then, after graduation, he was headed back to China to work at the USA Pavilion at Expo 2010 Shanghai.

That's about a million miles more than my wife, Suzy, and I ever traveled!

We felt pride and wonder when our son lived so far away, though we never got used to his long flights over vast oceans to these exotic places. And we were always relieved to hear from him after his safe landing in Asia.

Suzy had the idea of getting him a clock with the map of the world on it. Well, we searched for a clock online, and came to a sales page with a product description that was nothing short of mental telepathy.

"The revolving world map is accented with deep blue oceans and silver tone continents. Polished silver tone metal columns and base support beveled, acrylic arch. A felt bottom protects fine desks."

"Deep blue oceans" are all I thought about as my son traveled such long distances. And Taiwan and China, completely different, exciting "silver toned continents." Then Nick's talent and courage as a traveler are sure to land him an executive position with "fine desks" after graduation (turns out he did get a "fine desk").

Here's the thing...I'll bet lots of people whose loved ones journey overseas feel the same way, whether their world travelers are salespeople, executives, government employees, students, or in the military.

And the clock was offered at a very good price, discounted from retail, batteries included...the product page didn't forget our logical, rational minds either! We bought it, Nick loved it, and it is at his bedside today. (See photo above!)

So, if you can reach deep into the psyche of your prospects and customers like this product description, you'll make sales. And maybe make some proud parents very happy.

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PS. The website above is the Clock Depot and you can find the product page here.