How to Take Advantage of the Natural Web Tailwind

May 16, 2017 by

nature of the webThere’s an online dynamic in play that works in your favor if you understand the nature of the web and are willing to take advantage. Let me explain…

I recently returned from visiting my son and daughter-in-law in Los Angeles. During the flight, the pilot mentioned a “nice tailwind” helping us on our way east to Charlotte, North Carolina. Turns out the prevailing wind from the west helps planes whisk along faster while burning less fuel.

So there my wife and I were, sitting comfortably riding the wind. I thought about how our airplane benefited from nature. How it took advantage of the natural state of things to make better time for less money.

It made me think of the powerful, natural tailwind online.

The Nature of the Web

Millions of people search the web for products and services every day. They’re Googling and clicking, looking for answers to their questions, preparing to buy. Or they’re ready to make a purchase immediately.

These aren’t people slouched in their chairs watching ads on TV. Or driving their car listening to commercials on the radio.

They’re actively searching for exactly what you offer. They’re alert, interested, and ready for action. That huge pool of people purposefully searching is the new natural order. It’s your tailwind.

In other words, instead of fighting to get noticed with traditional advertising, inefficiently blasting your message out to a largely disinterested audience, your customers are actively searching online for exactly what you offer!

And you own the media. You don’t pay for costly TV, radio, or print ads to get customers. All you have to do is be there when they search. Then engage them and move them to a sale.

But the sad fact is, most sites don’t take advantage of this natural tailwind. They underperform. Why?

Your prospects articulate to themselves buying motivations in an internal dialogue of thoughts bolstered by emotions. So your online tailwind is not made up of oxygen, but alert, interested people thinking about your product, expressed as words in their minds.

It’s up to you to understand this thought process and meet their expectations using the right words in your sales messages. The problem is that content for too long has been considered second fiddle to technology and design. Content as an afterthought instead of the foundation for a money-making website.

Develop a Content First Mindset

I think it’s time to change all of that. For businesses, especially smaller businesses, to succeed online, they must start prioritizing their content over the bells and whistles of website design. Even Google algorithms determine your page rank using words, not graphics.

There is no reason any longer for underpowered websites with old fashioned content. They don’t generate enough traffic and they fail to turn visitors into customers. This is the context for my tips and ideas on content marketing. If you read my posts thinking about your tailwind, each of them will make more sense to you.

Making money online demands a “content first” mindset. This is the nature of the web. Once you believe that words matter, all of the rest of your internet marketing falls neatly into place.

In fact, I’ve written all the text for clients whose websites aren’t even built yet. This is the ideal case where your sales messages drive the design. If your site’s already built, however, the content can be improved without costly design changes.

So, with the right content, you too can sit comfortably and ride that online marketing tailwind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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