Why Hire a Web Writer?

I’ll Do the Keyword Research, Write Visitor Friendly Web Pages, and Organize Your Site for Easy Navigation
If you’re a business owner or marketer looking to improve your website’s performance, the first thing you probably think of is to look for a good website design firm or developer. But putting design first may be a big mistake.

Here’s why…

Your website thrives on its content. That’s because well-written Web pages organized for easy navigation attract free search traffic, engage your visitors, and make you money.

The thing is, far more attention is usually paid to a website’s design and functionality than its content. Because content often ends up “second fiddle” to website design, the copy on most sites can be pretty poor.

It may be traditional advertising copy that doesn’t really work online or just a cut and pasted brochure thrown onto the Web pages. It’s amateurish and it hurts performance.

For you, that’s both a problem…and an opportunity.

By placing quality content first on your list, you let the sales messages that generate leads drive the design and coding.  You start with the copy that brings in customers and makes you money and then you tell your Web developer how you want it presented. In fact, I often write the complete website for clients before their site is even designed!

Website development firms generally know design, technology, and coding but they rarely specialize in Web copy. To take full advantage of the cheaper, faster, more visitor-centric internet marketing platforms, you must create content that connects, that motivates, that causes action.

Original content written especially for the Web is the new paradigm. Information architecture the new foundation. Online copywriting the new language of internet marketing.

Now You Can Get the Quality Content Writing You Need to Start Driving Sales Online
When the time comes that you question your old website, what you’re really asking yourself is, “How do we capitalize on our hard-earned reputation and grow our brand online?” And none of this has much to do with design, coding, fancy flash, or graphics.

The answer lies first in your sales messages, then in your design, and lastly the Web technology to publish it all online. Here’s what you get when you go with quality, professionally written and organized content first.

  • Using modern Search Engine Optimization (SEO has radically changed recently), keywords smoothly written into the right places rank your Web pages higher in search while still sounding natural to your visitors.
  • A blend of persuasive copywriting with targeted content marketing to move your qualified visitors to action: to call, buy, donate, or subscribe.
  • Clear, engaging text that delights visitors and establishes you as an authority in your marketplace.

And that's not all…

5 More Reasons Business Owners and Marketers Hire Me to Write Their Content Both Online and Off

  • You can’t find time in your typically busy days to produce great copy.
  • You don’t like writing.
  • Your marketing department employees are generalists responsible for all kinds of media—press releases, annual reports, flyers, news articles—and not trained in the nuances of lead generating Web copy.
  • You struggle to come up with great marketing ideas because of the demands of your everyday business.
  • You spend your days solving problems, losing perspective on the good reasons your customers do business with you

My systematic approach is easy on your busy schedule. I do most of the work for you including all of the writing, organizing, keyword research and more. You approve the content and that’s it!

Just get in touch with me from my easy contact form and let me take your internet marketing to the next level by first creating content that makes sales.

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