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I'll Help You Plan, Organize, and Write for Your Business Blog Marketing

There's a lot to like about blog marketing.

You can build your own community with a blog. Use it to answer your website visitors' questions. Engage them with expert advice, helping them solve problems with your products and services. And it's a great place to share your brand story with your marketplace.

With regular posts, your audience will look to your business as an authority.

And the search engines love blogs. Your blog marketing leverages fresh content to drive your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Marketing online.  It's what Content Marketing is all about...sharing helpful information that established you as the go-to business in your field.

Your blog is a content creation machine and you own the media! No printing costs or media ad fees.

  • What a Business Blog Will Do For You

    1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      Improves rank in the search engines because Google likes websites with informative, consistently updated content. This increases the number of visitors to your site who will be interested in your products and services.
    2. Connect With Your Marketplace
      Go where your customers are...practically everyone uses the internet to research before purchasing. Be sure you're there when they do. Post your blog to Social Media and use it to answer your customers' questions, provide valuable information, and share your story and your personalities.
    3. Improves Website Visibility
      Your business blog is part of your website. Adding fresh content tailored to customers' needs keeps your website interesting. This holds your audience, engages them, and builds trust in your ability to meet their needs. And it gets customers to come back to your site either through an email subscription or Social Media.
    4. Establishes Your Authority in the Marketplace
      To gain the power to influence thought, opinion, and behavior you need to present your business as an authority in your marketplace. Providing answers, up-to-date information, and valuable help in your blog establishes you as experts in the eyes of your prospects and customers.
    5. Knocks Down Sales Resistance
      Consumers search the Web looking for information that solves problems, not an immediate sales pitch. The trust, credibility, and authority that blogging creates reduces sales resistance while at the same time introduces the benefits of your products or service.

You can look to your blog as the foundation for all of your Content Marketing.

The problem most businesses face is that they don't know where to start, what to write about, or have the time to keep up with regular posts...This is where I can help with strategy, subject ideas, and writing. We can even schedule posts a year in advance!

It comes down to a winning strategy PLUS the content writing to make it work.

Here's What You Get From NKB Marketing to Help You Create a Lead Generating Blog

  1. Strategic Planning
    Assess and clarify the specific mission of your blog. This will include:

    • Working with you and your team to complete a Blog Creative Brief
    • Conducting research on the Web materials/details you provide and reviewing your audience and competitive situation
    • Developing a Buyer Persona and your unique voice
    • Creating a clear message direction for posts
    • Blog Idea Jogger
    • Organizing your topics
    • Marketing plan for initial launch of your blog
  2. Post Writing/Consulting
    I'll write optimized content for posts that will include incorporating keywords for search engine optimization into headlines and text including re-purposing relevant existing content.I can write just a few posts to get you going or 6 months or even a year's worth so you don't get behind with your commitment to consistently publish. Or, I'll teach designated staff with pointers on writing, grammar, and how to write the perfect blog post.
  3. Web Success Collaboration
    To ensure the best results for your business, I'll work with you and/or your Web developer through the entire process as your new blog is installed. This is included in the pricing.

So call me about planning, organizing, and writing your blog. And remember, we can even plan posts for a whole year ahead so your publishing goals are easily met. Shoot me an email from my contact page and we'll set up a time to talk about connecting with your audience with effective Blog Marketing.

Let's get started

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