The NKB 6-Step Website Content Optimization Method

How Website Content Optimization  Builds a Business Site that Informs, Delights, and Motivates Your Marketplace

You see it in your trade journals, newsletters, and industry tip sheets. Your business website should be the hub of your internet marketing. It can establish you as an authority in your marketplace. Best of all, you'll profit as it generates leads and sales.

Thing is, does your site really attract and engage your prospects?

Your website can separate you from competitors. It can motivate visitors to call, buy, subscribe, or donate. The problem being, like many businesses, you might be finding your site doesn't rank well in search and isn't converting prospects into customers. You may have even invested in a new site, yet the results aren't there. But why?

Here's a way to think about it:

Old-Fashioned Advertising Falls Flat Online
The problem may be in your old school approach. Copy from your brochures, flyers, and media ads doesn't work well online. Let me explain. With traditional advertising, your company pushes its message out into the marketplace. The difference online is, your prospects find you through the search engines!

The visitor centric, interactive nature of the internet has turned traditional advertising on its head. Today's internet marketing demands a completely different kind of sales message.

If you want to make money with your website, now is the time to take advantage of this new reality. And this is where I can help.

What a Fully Optimized, Professionally Written and Organized Website Will Do For You
In just six steps, I'll develop clear, focused content that's optimized for search engine rankings and maximum conversion rates. You'll get more free search traffic and more sales.

Your new content will:

  • Attract free, organic traffic from the major search engines.
  • Attract inbound links from social media and other sites improving your SEO rankings.
  • Pre-sell your products or services.
  • Turn prospects into customers
  • Engage your visitors more deeply so they'll keep coming back.
  • Create a buzz making you the "go-to" business in your marketplace

Organize, Optimize, and Engage with the NKB 6 Step Website Content Optimization Method
We'll formulate your unique selling proposition, analyze the usability of your current site, and write optimized messages based on your brand story for each Web page.

But that's not added benefit is that the process helps you organize all of your marketing, both online and off. Your content becomes more laser-focused and effective.

I can easily work with your current designer, webmaster, and SEO firm. Or, I'll help you build a new site from scratch with my own Web team.

And my systematic approach is easy on your busy schedule. I do most of the work for you. That includes all the writing, organizing, keyword research, and more. You approve the content and that's it!

I bring to my clients the insider knowledge I've gained writing over 800 Web pages, blog posts, video scripts, and emails. I've optimized websites for clients from Utica, NY to Minneapolis, MN and from Toronto, Canada to London, UK.

It all comes down to this, you get a winning strategy PLUS the content writing to make it work.

Here's what I'll do to achieve results for your website:

Step 1. Complete a Web Creative Brief to create your brand story and customer persona
Step 2. Research your audience and competitors to boost your credibility in the marketplace
Step 3. Evaluate your current site's usability using my 21-Point checklist to make navigation easy
Step 4. Organize and develop a site map, content maps/wireframes, and message direction for each Web page
Step 5. Write optimized content for each page incorporating keywords for search engine optimization to get your website found in the search engines and convert prospects to customers.
Step 6. Marketing plan for initial re-launch announcing the new, high powered website to your audience

Pricing for 5-7 pages including Homepage, About Us pages, Contact page, Category, and Sales/Product pages: $1,500-$2,500

Packages available including Facebook About page and LinkedIn Summary page.

Just get in touch with my easy contact form and we'll talk about optimizing your website for the search engines and visitors.

Let's get started

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