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I'm a web content writer and content marketing strategist. Hire me and you'll get proven content strategies for your website, blog, and social media. PLUS the quality, visitor-centric copywriting to make them work.
I'll help you leverage your story online with clear, engaging copy. You will become a "go-to" business as your audience gets to know, like, and trust your brand. You solve customer's problems, your business gains stature as the authority in the marketplace.
I've written over 450 web pages, blog posts, and video scripts for clients all over the world...and I look forward to helping you create the content that will finally make you money online.
Scroll down this page and you'll discover my easy, systematic approach to optimizing the content on your website, the hub of your content marketing program. Then, you'll see links to the many ways I can help you attract, engage, and acquire new customers with content marketing.
And get plenty of free tips and ideas about writing and sharing content on my blog. I encourage you to come back often so you can profit from these ideas on your own website, blog, and social media. (You'll be sure not to miss any new posts if you subscribe below!)

Your new content will:

  • Engage your audience
  • Boost search engine rankings (SEO)
  • Attract valuable attention & sharing on Social Media
  • Win market share as people get to know, like, and trust your brand

Content Optimization for a Powerful, Lead Generating Website

Our most popular program for modern SEO, engaging content, and easy navigation in just six steps.

Attract, Engage, and Acquire New Customers with Content Marketing

Let me help you organize, write, and publish all of your content marketing so you can strategically share your story and engage your marketplace.

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Internaut Day: Your Homepage Just Like the First Homepage

August 23 is Internaut Day, the day the World Wide Web went public. And this year, 2016, is the 25th anniversary of world changing public access to the internet. Tim Berners-Lee started the whole thing while working at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory and he remains the director of the World Wide Web Consortium ...

Content Creation on an Oyster Barge

Remarkable content creation can be experienced in lots of ways, including a classroom setting out on the bay by one of the most popular oyster bars in Rhode Island!

Fourth of July weekend my family and I (3 out of our 4 kids, anyways, plus one son-in-law) visited our cousins in Rhode Island. They live right ...

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"I found Nick Burns and NKB Marketing by searching online. After a phone conversation with Nick, we were very impressed by his knowledge, experience, and patience. He immediately understood what we were looking for and gave us a plan and good advice.

"Nick was very patient. He took the time to understand exactly what we wanted by conducting phone interviews and getting to know us. We needed no more than one or two drafts until we got exactly what we were aiming for in our website.

"We were most impressed with Nick's experience and his dedication and availability. But his strongest feature is that he was able to understand us and our business and translate that knowledge into engaging web pages.

"Nick Burns did a great job writing the content for our website!"
Yael Rom, Senior Investigator & Profiler, Insight Case Management, Private Investigators/Armed Security, Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, NY.

"This is what a new prospect told me about why they called, 'We looked at your website and liked what we read.'"
Dan Berkhoudt, Architect, New Hartford, NY

"Nick Burns's rewritten Web pages have generated 2,629 more page views than we got this month last year. Great work and thanks to NKB Marketing."
Surinder Ahitan, CEO Colaz Advanced Beauty Specialists, London, UK