More On Google’s Mobile Friendly Update

April 28, 2015 by
Google's mobile friendly update

Notice how you can easily read the content on my website in one column with responsive design.

I introduced you to Google’s mobile friendly update a few weeks ago and you may already be affected. Have you noticed a hit to your website’s ranking on mobile devices? This could be especially hard to take if you’re a business typically searched on mobile devices, such as a restaurant or maybe the phone number for your physician’s office.Here are some important points from an update I received by the Google Webmaster Central Blog…

  • This Mobile-Friendly Update does not affect searches from tablets or desktops. But your rankings on mobile devices may suffer if your site is not built with a responsive design.
  • This is a page level change. That means that only the mobile-friendly pages can get the higher ranking.
  • You can know if a page on your site is mobile-friendly by testing it here.
  • Google will determine whether your web page is mobile friendly every time it crawls and indexes the page. You don’t have to wait for another update, you’ll get the positive results as soon as the page is crawled.
  • If your site is going to be impacted, you should know by now. Or at least by the end of next week (May 8, 2015).
  • Your page can be mobile friendly even if it links to a page on a website that is not.
  • Even though your page is not mobile friendly, it could rank high on mobile devices if the content is very good.

You may believe that since your website audience is desktop only that there’s no reason to change it. According to Google, it’s better to start thinking about the fact that so many people use their mobile devices to search the internet that you should have responsive design in your business plan for the near term.

And as I said in my last post about Google's mobile friendly update, call me before going to a web designer/developer. I'll help you get the content right first. Let your sales messages drive the design, not the other way around.

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